The lawyer platform


In the platform, lawyers support multiple customers for solving their problems with the landlord.
As a customer, you will send  your question in writing, choose whether you want a
written answer or an answer on the phone, add relevant documents like your rental contract (which is
mandatory for each consultation) or other related documents (pictures of damaged doors, letters from the
landlord, …) and wait to be called or get the written report.

Define phase

I always start my design phase with this question “what are our needs and problems?”
During the interview I found: The lawyers are busy; therefore the platform should be easy to learn(Learnability) and easy to use (usability).

It’s their primitive  needs :

As a lawyer, I need to know Is there any new message?!
Please remind me by sending SMS if I don’t reply to the latest messages.
More than one day I’m a busy man you help me to remind.
How should I reply to the messages? By phone or message? Could I call
by easy clicking?
As a lawyer, I need to preview and download the attachments; I need a notepad to write and keep my notes on every issue.

Wireframe and prototype

I’ve created the wireframe by the sketch.


User story

You can watch the prototype and read user story (as comments in Marvel) from this link